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Seo For Little Organisation Owners
Now coming to what people say of Alexa site audit;,. I researched a lot on web for what people say for Alexa`s Site Audit and I found that majority of people say it is really not the real value for money at $199 for single report !
Having your readers comment on your blog is an equally important aspect of your Blog marketing. Try to respond to every comment on your Blog and make sure that you answer any questions that are posed in the comments. By showing that you are willing to interact with your readers and proving that you are knowledgeable, you will encourage your readers to return time and time again.
Free resources of the best SEO training. Many of these experts blog to teach or because they simply love writing about SEO. They lay out the most cutting edge SEO audit on their blogs. You just need to know who they are and I am going to share them with you. I have found that some of the best SEO training out there is completely free. This list will guide you in the right direction.
Try not to be too broad, or to confining. You don`t want to limit your potential future content. There are various online keyword research tools available that will indicate the number of searches for a key word or phrase. Google has one that is widely used. You can also use Google to determine the level of competition for a given word or phrase.
One way to post new and interesting content to your blog is to interview people relevant to your chosen niche and post the transcript to your blog. Be sure to make your interviewee is appropriate to your Niche though. For example, if you wanted to do an interview on Search Engine Optimization, you may interview Brad Callen (developer of the fantastic Keyword Elite and SEO Elite toolkits). An added bonus to the interview would be to record the interview itself and provide an MP3 download - I personally love these options, as I am often out and about and will download the MP3 file to my mobile phone and listen to the interview whilst driving.
You should also know that ALT tags in your images help you get a higher place within the searches. People mostly forget about this when it comes to search engine optimization. So you should include keywords with your ALT tags so that you appeal to both human readers and search engines.
Although this is a tactic used by some to start appearing in search results faster, you should not submit your site to search engines until it is complete. If the bots start indexing your site while it is in an incomplete state, the result may not be what you intend. Broken links and test pages don`t score well in search results.
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